12 Types of Couples We See Around Us During Valentine’s Week

As the Valentine week arrives, there is a sudden spike in the number of couples around us. Interestingly, each couple is completely different from other. Some are cute, some are adorable and some are real pain to hang out with. However, all of these couples roughly fall into one of these categories:

1) The Fevicol-ki-Jod Couple

They are always seen together. ALWAYS!

2) The Khullam-Khulla-Pyaar-Karenge Couple

They are always turned on. They can be seen kissing and doing much more almost all the time

3) The Haton-mein-Hath Couple

They are always seen holding hands. So much so that sometimes people may wonder if they were born like that.

4)  The Kabhi-Haan-Kabhi-Naa Couple

They are always confused about what they want. They keep on breaking-up and patching-up the next day.

5) The Jaani-Dushman Couple

They are always fighting. They often leave people wondering, why they are still together!The Babu-Shona Couple

6) The Babu-Shona Couple

Addressing each other without words like sweetie-pie, jaan, babu, shona, puuchhu etc. is a strict no-no.

7) The Ek-se-Dil-nahi-Bharta Couple

Although in a relationship, the guy will flirt with every girl he gets a chance with and the girl will try to woo every guy she comes across.

8) The Facebook-wala-Love Couple

They are all over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp, declaring their undying love for each other. Even together you can find them glued to their phones.

9) The Jasoos Couple

They are often seen stalking each other, especially over social media.

10)  The Bachpan-ka-Pyaar Couple

You have seen them together since they were in pre-school. Apart from their partner, they have never interacted with any person of opposite gender ever.

11)   The Pyaar-Dosti-Hai Couple

They are more like buddies to each other. Even though you are alone in their company, you will never feel like a third person

12)   The Tum-Sirf-Mere-Ho Couple

They are extremely possessive. They never allow their partner to go out with anybody else. Never ever!

So how many of these couples have you spotted around you?



Arayan Kummar Sharma

Arayan Kummar Sharma is Cofounder of AHA Taxis and CMO.

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