4 things that make Onam so special

4 things that make Onam so special

Onam , the official state festival of Kerala, has several attractions attached to it. Take a quick look to know these amazing things about Onam.


4 things that make Onam so special

Attachamayam(Image: Flickr)

It is a big cultural fete, which symbolizes the start of the ten-day Onam festivities in Kerala and gives a golden chance to witness the culture of the state. A dazzling parade, featuring tantalizing music, folk art forms, elephant procession and nicely dressed people, takes your breath away. This occasion celebrates the triumph of the King of Kochi.


4 things you should know about Onam

Pulikali ( Image Credit: Flickr )

Pulikali is an interesting folk dance form performed as part of Onam celebration in which dancers get their bodies painted like tiger in red, yellow and black. Massive crowd turns up to witness the dance performed to beats of musical instruments like Chenda and Thakil. It is celebrated on the fourth day of Onam. The genesis of Pulikali dates back to some 200 years ago. It is believed that King Ramavarma had initiated this folk art during Muharram.


4 things which make this Onam special

Pookkalam(Image Credit: Flickr)

It is one of the key attractions of Onam celebration. Pookkalam is a floral design made out of a variety of flowers and rangoli colors at houses’ entrances typically designed and executed by girls and women. The designs may be simple to complex extending from King Mahabali, festive & bird themes to cultural dance forms such as Mohiniyattam and Kathakali. A lot of skill-set and creativity is required to implement these exquisite designs.


4 things that make Onam special

Vallamkali(Image Credit: Flickr)

This snake boat race will leave you mesmerized. Traditional paddled longboats beautifully decorated with silk umbrellas and rowed by oarsmen dressed in white dhotis and turbans is a scene to witness in person. The boat race is conducted on the fifth day of Onam. The event depicts team spirit and harmony with nature. Nehru Trophy Boat Race is a famous race held annually in Punnamada Lake near Alappuzha, Kerala, India.


Not only the above but other elements like Onam Sadya, traditional dances like Thiruvathira, Onam Kali, Thumbi Thullal & others also characterize Onam. All these facets make this religious and cultural carnival a special allurement for tourists both within and outside India.






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