4 Celebrity Homes in Mumbai You Must Visit

When we think of Mumbai, the first thing that comes into our mind is that of Bollywood. Mumbai is famous across the world for its never die spirit and home to Bollywood celebrities. These superstars are like living gods for their fans and these fans stand for hours in front of their favorite celebrity homes just for a glimpse of their idols. Quite naturally, these celebrity homes are among popular tourist spots for tourists coming to Mumbai. If you are in Mumbai, here are 5 celebrity homes in Mumbai you must visit:

1) Mannat – Shahrukh Khan

Celebrity homes in Mumbai

Shahrukh Khan’s Mannat had to be on top of the list. The Bollywood badshah lives in a humongous sea-facing house in Bandra and long lines of fans wait outside his home at any time of the day. You will find people screaming his name, some trying to copy his trademark pose while some crazy fans trying their best to enter the celebrity home. And you have to see the entire crowd entering into frenzy when the superstar wave at them from their balcony.

2) Jalsa – Amitabh Bachchan

Celebrity homes in Mumbai

Amithabh Bachchan’s Jalsa in Juhu is fan’s favorite for several decades now. Every day people gather in front of his house just to get a glimpse of him. If you are in Mumbai, visiting Jalsa has to be in your list. You can often find AB Senior posting pictures of his interactions with fans on his social media accounts. One of the must visit celebrity homes in Mumbai.

3) Galaxy Apartment Flat – Salman Khan

Celebrity homes in Mumbai

Given the huge fan base of bhai, Salman Khan’s home had to be included in this list. Unlike Jalsa and Mannat, Salman lives in a small (but luxurious) flat in Galaxy Apartments. However, that doesn’t reduce the sheer number of fans waiting outside his apartment under the apartment. If in Mumbai, pass through his home and if you are lucky, you might get a glimpse of bhai of Bollywood.

4) Prime Beach – Akshay Kumar

celebrity homes in Mumbai

Akshay Kumar’s home also known as Prime Beach stands at the same location where he did his first modeling shoot way before entering Bollywood. An inspiring story, isn’t it? Well not only the story is inspiring but the house of the fitness enthusiast is worth giving a visit. The fact that it lies in close proximity to famous Juhu beach makes it even easier to reach.

Tell us in the comments about your favorite celebrity homes in Mumbai?

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