5 Fun Games to Play during Trips

5 Fun Games to Play during Trips

rummy | AHA Taxis

The bags are packed, the reservations of trains and hotels made. You are all set to go and create nice memories of your vacations. But you would not like to sit idle during the journey, would you? You need something, to engage yourself. Although smartphones are very much an engagement (read addiction) but they lack a human connect. Moreover, it is better to be in real time than to be online all the time.

So here goes-

1) Tambola-

This one game never goes out of fashion and is always engaging. You can also create your own rules regarding the patterns in which the numbers are crossed out; hence it gives you flexibility. Cash prizes can be kept or maybe some other goodies.

tambola | AHA Taxis

2) Rummy-

It is a card game where in order to win you have to make formations of sequence or same cards. These formations can be of 4 cards or three cards. Again it depends on the way you want to play.

rummy | AHA Taxis

3) Ludo

A board game which is fun and engaging. It is a good way to pass time and as the number of players increases so does the fun because the uncertainty of the game will rise, you may lose at the brink of winning or vice versa

Ludo | AHA Taxis

4) Antakshari

How can we forget the good old way to pass the time, sing along no matter you are an Indian idol or a bathroom singer! People also make up their own songs or twist them to win a point in the game, all in all, a very fun filled activity.

Antakshri | AHA Taxis

5) Chess

Chess | AHA TaxisFor those who dwell upon strategies and also win accordingly. Although it may be a little boring for some. But those who know it well, it can be highly addictive

We hope your trip would be memorable and will bring you and the person you are travelling with, closer. Happy holidaying!



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