5 Places Near Bangalore to Visit This Winter

I know, I know! I know Bangalore has lovely weather throughout the year. However, as winter sets in the green city becomes all the more beautiful. And so does the places surrounding it. Here are 5 places near Bangalore to visit this winter:

1) Coorg

Places near Bangalore

Coorg presents a view of beautiful, virgin hills and sprawling landscapes throughout the year. It becomes even more beautiful with less crowd and light clouds hovering around your shoulders. Beautiful falls like Abbey Falls, Mallalli Falls and holy places like Honnamana bring everything into the setting that you desire in a memorable holiday experience.

2) Chikmagalur

Visit this winter

This winter, get immersed in spirituality blended with serenity of the blue hills and valleys of Chikmagalur. Colorful sceneries of Chikmagalur will remain in your memories years after you spend a peaceful vacation there. In addition to enjoying a vacation, Chikmagalur is home to religious places like Sharadamba temple and Inam Dattatreya Peetha.

3) Bandipur National Park

Places near Bangalore

There cannot be a better place to vacation than amongst the real flora and fauna during the winter season. Bandipur National Park, a heaven to wildlife lovers, offers you glimpses of numerous species of wild animals, roaming freely for you to watch them and capture them in your camera.

4) Shimoga

Visit this winter

One of the very few places that are so rich with the tourist attractions, Shimoga, has everything you need as a tourist to enjoy a long winter vacation. You can pack your bags with supplies to last for weeks and get ready to enjoy dams, safaris, mountains, reservoirs, places, falls, and temples, all at one place. Do not forget to visit the Jog falls at Shimoga.

5) Kottayam

Places near Bangalore

If you enjoy long road trips, Kottayam is a place in Kerala you should visit to experience several falls, lakes and temples. Lakes and backwaters of Kottayam give you a once-in-lifetime experience, mainly during the winter season. Whether you visit Aruvikkuzhi falls, Vembanad lake or stay in a boathouse, everything about Kottayam has a unique austerity associated with it.Don’t forget to pack your winter gear as you make

Don’t forget to pack your winter gear as you make plan to visit one of these places near Bangalore this winter.

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Arayan Kummar Sharma

Arayan Kummar Sharma is Cofounder of AHA Taxis and CMO.

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