5 Reasons why Mumbai is the Ultimate City of Dreams

Diversity has always been a unique and one of the stronger aspects for India. Different cultures, different norms, each city having its own special characteristics. Although there are many amazing places in the country, one city that stands is Mumbai.

The city has got many names – the financial capital, city of slums, city of seven islands, city of Bollywood and the list goes on. However, among all one title that remains prominent and has been attracting visitors, investors and dreamers is the title ‘ City of Dreams’. Apart from the name itself glimmering with hope and warmth, here are 5 reasons why Mumbai is called the city of dreams and rightfully so.

Opportunist’s Heaven

City of dreams

The list of people who had nothing when they came to Mumbai and eventually became successful is endless. It is not called the financial capital for nothing. Its ranks among the top 10 global commercial centers and is an investor magnet. If you posses a skill, then there is surely someone in the city who is willing to pay for it. It is and always has been a go to place for ambitious minds.

Mixed Culture

City of dreams

Mumbai’s is house to people of different race, culture and ethnicity. Tourists, residents, businessmen; you find people belonging to hundreds of races working and coexisting happily together. It does have its share of conflicts but they are very limited and not prevalent in most areas.  Coming to Mumbai is more than just an opportunity to meet new people and form some connections for yourself.


City of dreams

Mumbai is synonymous to Bollywood and is house to most movie stars, producers, directors and artists. In fact there are countless stories of Bollywood stars who built their careers out of nothing right in this city of dreams. If your passion lies in movies, acting or making them, there is no better place on this planet. With so much talent and stardom gathered in one place, you should feel right at home.


City of dreams

Mumbai is among the best of Indian cities that offer a potential for an amazing lifestyle. It may come across expensive in some aspects but it is clearly worth it. There are hundreds of huge shopping malls, multiplexes as well local street market making both shopping and entertainment relatively convenient, fun and affordable for all sections of the society. There are plenty of places to hang out. Different art and music clubs are spread all over the city and a membership is easy to get. Pubs are open late into the night and Mumbaiwalas love to party.


City of dreams

No matter who you are, if you’re moving to a new city food will always be on your to-check list. Well, you’re in for a pleasant surprise when it comes to Mumbai. Talk about the local specials, the street food or the super expensive luxury items; you get everything here. Every busy street junction will have multiple vendors selling the oh-so-famous, finger licking dishes like Pav bhaji, Vada pav or Chicken Tikka rolls. You will simply never get bored of the food here.

Opportunities, freedom, exposure and lot more, Mumbai never stops to amaze us. Clearly the ultimate ‘city of dreams’!

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Arayan Kummar Sharma

Arayan Kummar Sharma is Cofounder of AHA Taxis and CMO.

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