5 Unknown Facts About Christmas You Must Know

When its diwali, we make sure to tell our little one the amusing story of how lights were lit in entire Ayodhya to welcome Lord Rama after he killed Ravana. However, as Christmas arrive, we see it as another holiday that is about Santa Claus, Christmas trees and Jingle bells.  But do you really know how Christmas Tree became part of the Christmas celebrations? What do these Christmas traditions signify? Here are 5 unknown facts about Christmas I bet you didn’t know:The Bible doesn’t tell us when Jesus was born

1) There is no mention of Jesus birth date on Bible

You might find this surprising but the Bible does not tell us when the Jesus was born. It was the Catholic Church that decided to collobarate Christmas celebration with the Feast of Nativity making it one grand celebration across the world.

2) Who is Santa Claus?

We all know about the gift showering man in red suit called Santa Claus but do you know who he really was? In a small Turkish Village Patara, lived a Saint Nicholas in 270 AD.  The saint was known for his generosity and would often shower the poor and kids with the gifts. Saint Nicholas was the reason behind the legend Santa Claus.

3) The Mystery Behind Santa Claus Replying to Kids Letters

Every year more than million children write letters to Santa Claus and sent it to North Pole.  The ton of Alaska with less than 2000 people get together to respond to every single letter they receive. Now that is the real spirit of the Christmas

4) Christmas Tree is No-way Associated with Jesus’s Birth

While Christmas celebration dates back to the birth of Jesus Christ, the use of Christmas Tree started after a missionary saint in Germany pointed out that the fir tree It is in the shape of a triangle and thus symbolizes the holy Trinity. Many believe that the tradition of decorating Christmas tree was started by Marin Luther in 16th Century. So the electrically lit Christmas tree you see nowadays has nothing to do with Jesus.

5) Over 733 Different Version of ‘Silent Night’ recorded since 1978

Christmas is not complete without Christmas Carols and then there ae some people who associated Christmas with silence. And it does come as a surprise that the most recorded Christmas carols of all time is the Silent Night.

I am sure you found out many new things about Christmas. Merry Christmas Everyone!



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