5 Ways Brother-Sister Relationship Changed Over Time

The brother-sister relationship is a beautiful thing to behold. Besides your sibling, no one else on this planet shares, or will ever share, the same DNA as you. No one will ever understand you better or be a dearer friend than them. But it wasn’t always like this, was it? At least not back in the day when social stigmas about girls was rampant.

Earlier, brothers were taught to protect their sisters and keep them out of harm’s way. Most guys misconstrued this and would be overprotective of their sisters.

Today, things are a little different, and here’s how they changed over time.

Getting Permission

brother-sister relationship

In most Indian homes, boys would get permission to go out for parties and sleepovers while girls had to stay at home because the ‘world is too dangerous’. The worst part? Brothers would also be insistent that their sisters stay at home under their parents’ watchful eye.

Today, you’ll find brothers arguing with their parents so their sisters can go out and have a good time!

Romantic Relationships

brother-sister relationship

Girls were terrified of their brother accidentally discovering a secret lover, and most of them would hide information about their dates. On the other hand, boys would openly flirt with and talk to their sister’s friends.

However, today things are different. Guys all over the world are setting their sisters up on dates and helping them spend the night out with their boyfriends.

Doing Chores
brother-sister relationship

Earlier, it was the brother who did chores like buying vegetables from the store or posting a cheque in the bank. Girls were given household chores like keeping the rooms free from dust. There was an understanding between siblings at the time.

Today, however, both siblings try to push their chores onto the other one as there is no specific task designated to a boy or girl. This actually results in a lot more fights now than before!

Arranged Marriages


Back in the day, guys would visit a potential groom’s home to check out if he was a good match for his sister. Once the brother approved the girl could get married.

Today, girls choose grooms for themselves and even if the brother has a problem with it, he has to hold his tongue and look happy at the wedding ceremony!

Work And Earn


Earlier, it was expected that the sons of a family start earning as soon as they were done with college, so they could support the family. Daughters, on the other hand, were expected to either help in the house or get married.

Today, everything is different and there are families with girls earning while the boys continue to study. Back then, girls also had to depend on their brother’s income to run the household. Today, they can make their own money!

These are a few ways in which the dynamics of a brother-sister relationship have drastically changed over time. But no matter which age we live in, the bond between a brother and sister will always be unbreakable.

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