5 Ways to make your road trips awesome

  1. Make a plan, before you leave.

    Plan your Trip

    Road Trips 

    yes, plan your trip before you leave, planning your trip will make it more enjoyable, call your friends, relatives tell them about your plan and get them all with you.Make sure all your bookings are confirmed and updated.

  2. Bring your own music.

    Road Trips

    Oh yes, as we all love to hear music while travelling, carry some awesome music and play it on, because after a good amount of time when you hear same songs again somewhere in your busy schedule you will feel the amazing memories you had.Get your CD’s  and Pen Drives on with full of music.


  3. Carry some cash.

    Road Trips

    Agree we live in a digital world, but don’t forget to carry some cash it would help you in buying little things from locals as memories, paying your tolls and small expenses. And you definitely won’t like to search for electronic mode and networks all the time for paying your bills.

  4. Try local, Be local.

    Road Trips

    Hey, always the same food, not a good idea. Try different local food of the place where you are, ask residents about where to eat. Go to a different place every time for your breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner etc…

  5. Click it.

    click pictures

    Road Trips

    …Oops not to forget “click it all”. Carry a camera and phone which clicks HD photos with lots of space inside it. Photos are the only memories which remain with us and make our trips more memories.

  6. Bonus point for you guys….


    Road trips

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