6 Countries Indian Citizens can Travel without a Visa

Are you someone who loves to travel but hate the hassle and work that goes in getting a visa? Tons of paper work, crazy procedures, long queues and intense QA sessions, quite naturally we hate the Visa procedure.  What if I tell you there are several countries where you can travel without a visa? That’s right!

To every Indian traveler’s delight, there are 59 countries where you can travel without a visa. Please note that on many of these countries you will need to apply for visa-on-arrival.

Here is a list of top 10 countries where you can travel without a visa

1) Maldives – Visa on Arrival

travel without a visa

Known for its beaches, blue lagoons and reefs, Maldives is a heaven for beach lovers. All the more when there is no hassle of getting a visa! Although you need to get a visa on arrival but the process is far easier and quick. And works great for last minute planner like me!

2) Mauritius – No Visa

travel without a visa

Another beach destination, Mauritius offers everything you need for a perfect holiday. From virgin beaches to dark rainforest, from hiking trails to spiritual monasteries, it is one island that has modern amenities yet the peace and tranquillity of old times. And you need No Visa to visit Mauritius.

3) Kenya – eVisa

travel without a visa

Love wildlife and jungle safari? Then Kenya is the place to visit. From rich cultural heritage to bustling metropolitan cities, from rich flora and fauna to beaches, Kenya is a land of multiple dimensions. You can apply for eVisa and easily get one if you want to visit this amazing country.

4) Sri Lanka – No Visa but Special Permit Required

travel without a visa

One of closest neighbors of India, Sri Lanka has a lot more to its credit than its cricket team. Rich rainforests, beaches, old temples, monasteries, and forests, there are so many things you will fall in love with once you visit this tiny Island. You don’t need a visa to enter Sri Lanka but you will need a Visit Visa which is a sort of special permit conveying consent of Sri Lankans to enter their country.

5) Indonesia – Visa on Arrival

travel without a visa

Indonesia is well-known for its beaches, volcanoes, and dense forests offering shelters to countless animals like elephants, tigers and Komodo dragons. Visit Indonesia for its traditional puppetry, dense forests and rich cultural diversity. Get an easy visa on arrival to reaching the volcanic island.

6) Bhutan – No Visa


You need no reason to visit the happiest country of the world, especially when it is so aesthetically pleasing.  Well connected with roads,  this Buddhist kingdom is a must-visit destination for serious trekkers as well as someone seeking peace and spirituality. And you need no visa at all to visit this amazing land.

So which country are you traveling to next?

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Arayan Kummar Sharma

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