6 Must Try Food in Agra

In Love with Food in Agra: This time, when you visit Agra, and if you are still single (couples are also welcome ūüėČ ) we have found an alternate love for you. Agra offers an immense variety of food; right from sweet to spicy everything in its perfect state can be found here. Here are a few cuisines and dishes you must try on, you trip to Agra-

In Love with Food in Agra
In Love with Food in Agra

MUGHLAI FOOD –¬†In Love with Food in Agra

Since 16th Century, when Agra was made the capital of India by, the Mughals and constructed all the spectacular monuments, that are listed among world heritage sites, <Mughal empire left indelible imprints on Agra’s taste as well. Similar to the love of food in Delhi and rest of North India, Agra also has plenty of yummy dishes. A few trademarks are creamy, boldly flavored curries; dried fruits and nuts; roasted meats, lots of ground and whole spices, It’s a rich cuisine fit for a king. To enjoy the best Mughlai Food, you can go to NaikiMandi, TajMahal Restaurants, Indiana and MG road.



BEDHAI AND KACHORI –¬†In Love with Food in Agra

A famous breakfast dish among Agra-wasis, this typical breakfast is served at street stands, corner points and on redis. This mouthwatering dish consists of two parts, one of which is spicy and the other one is sweet. Bedhai part of it is  a fried, round, puffy bread typically served with a bowl full of spicy green sabzi made from of potato and curd. Jalebi, as most of you must have tried is sweet, a sticky dessert made of fermented batter. Fresh Jalebis and Kachoris are so famous and loved that the street corners are filled with people in the morning time.  GMB and Shree Ji sweets on Fatehabad Road are famous corners with Bedhai&Kachori being its specialty.


CHAAT –¬†In Love with Food in Agra

As in Delhi, the chaats are too much spicy but yummy. In Agra also, chaats are very popular; especially dahi-bhaal, raj kachori, samosa and golgappas are famous. But when talking about Agra we will focus mainly of the bhallas, as Agra bhallas are a bit different than what you have in Delhi.The bhallas are made big and crispier in Agra. To enjoy chat you can go to Chat waliGali in Sadar Bazar, Agra.


DALMOTH- In Love with Food in Agra

A traditional namkeen from Agra, Dalmothis made from nuts, spices, and oil. Dalmoth is really Crispy, spicy, and a little bit greasy. You can enjoy this snack with cold beer!The best Dalmoth can be found in PanchiPetha and Baluganj


PARANTHA –¬†In Love with Food in Agra

Trademark of Mughlai (and therefore North Indian) cuisine, paratha, or parantha, is similar to chapatti but it is pan-fried and stuffed with various ingredients, mostly vegetarian. You can enjoy the parathas with Paneer or some kind of chutney. Dahi(Curd) remains a constant with parathas. A famous paratha point is on Old Delhi Agra Highway called as RambabuParathe Wale.



PETHA –¬†In Love with Food in Agra

Petha, Petha everywhere! The moment you step in Agra, you will find pethas around you. Petha is a sweet dish and is available in many flavours like plain (white); Kesar(saffron); with nuts; in colorful shades of pineapple, strawberry, mango that too in different shape.Petha is believed to have medicinal traits and is considered good and beneficial for blood pressure, hydration, brain growth, and more. The best Pethas can be found inPanchhiPetha and Baluganj.

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