6 Ways to Beat the Heat While Travelling in Summers

Thanks to month long summer vacation, summer is the most popular time to travel in India. At the same time, summer is the most uncomfortable season to travel. High temperature, sun and humidity can really spoil your travel experience.   However, being careful and following simple rules like eating healthy, getting exercise, drinking lot of water can make surviving summers much easier. Read on to find 6 ways to beat the heat while travelling in summers:

Pack Light


Here, we are not only talking about weight of luggage but also types of clothes. Pack lightweight, light coloured, preferably cotton clothes. Opt for loose fitting garments which will allow air to circulates off. If you are against tan, try to have clothes that cover your body

Check Weather Forecast

Not just for the day of travel but for the entire week ahead. Not only for the travel destination but also the weather at your local airport and the stops mid-way. Just Google about it and there are tons of websites that can provide you free weather report for as many days as you want.

Check Ahead for Air-conditioning

Be it your hotel ram or the taxi you are going to take for sightseeing, make sure you check ahead and mention that you need air-conditioning. Just because the weather is hot, don’t assume things to be air-conditioned everywhere.

Beat the Heat by Waking Up Early

The morning hours will be the most comfortable and most pleasant to move around. You can roam around until late in the night or wake up early to make the most of the city you are visiting. So when do you catch-up on the sleep? During the noon of course

Distribute Your Activities by Location


Going to a museum which is air-conditioned, visit it during the noon when the heat is maximum. Keep open areas, gardens or beach visits for the evening. Distributing the activities based on location will make it a breeze to beat the heat while travelling in summers

And most importantly,

Keep Yourself Hydrated

The best way to take care of your health in summers is to use goof sunscreen and drink a lot of fluids. Avoid eating food that is too oily or too spicy. Light meals with lots of fluids will ensure that you are fit and fine even in the summers





Arayan Kummar Sharma

Arayan Kummar Sharma is Cofounder of AHA Taxis and CMO.

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