7 Things to avoid while travelling in summers

7 Things to avoid while travelling in summers

7 Things to avoid while travelling in summers

Summers are on and so is our vacation. Now is the time to go out with family. You have already packed your bags and shipped with your family to spend coming days with your relatives or some exotic location. But while travelling some time we feel sick also so to avoid travel sickness remember few things to avoided.

1) Avoid drinking tap water.

Today we all know the quality of tap water is highly unreliable in the country and there are maximum chances of falling ill if we use the same. So during your journey time or in between stopovers avoid consuming tap water at all cost. It is better to spend on mineral water bottles if you are not carrying water from your home. Alternatively enough shops are available roadside selling soft drinks, which is still a better option.

2) Avoid ice.

We have been hearing since ages “thanda-garam” advice of grannies and this ice during summers is a potential cause of problems. Hence, first you should have given enough time to your body to settle in a cold environment and then only you shall attempt intake of ice in your drinks.

3) Avoid open and street foods.

We all know that they are irresistible. They taste so wonderful that we are normally ready to bear the consequences. During vacation time in summers, it is better to have much greater control on our taste buds, coz you are spending a lot of time and money to enjoy your vacation and any illness during this time, will definitely not show your great pics on Facebook.

4) Avoid oily and heavy food.

Once again oily and heavy food can be a potential cause of foul stomach and your struggle to keep yourself lean & thin will also remain unsuccessful. so avoid using this stuff, be agile and sportive to walk more, play more and enjoy more your trip.

5) Avoid sitting out and consuming food.

Don’t consume perishable food that has been prepared one hour before and when the atmospheric temperature is high, the food has all the potential in the world to get contaminated. Be wise to throw it away and don’t even gift to any beggars also.

6) Avoid raw or undercooked food

Avoid raw or under-cooked food especially when it comes to meat and seafood. Our non-vegetarian stuff has more potential to attract bacteria, germs and gets contaminated faster than veg-stuff. So it makes lot more sense to go green during your vacation time.

7) Personal hygiene

This is the time when you can have evening shower as well to improve your freshness and wash away whole day tiredness and dirt. Apply nice deo and do shave two times and with a refreshing after shave’ your all near & dear ones will be definitely attracted towards you only.

So go and enjoy your vacation with summer-friendly cotton, chinos and shorts and with your goggles don’t forget to jump into swimming pool moment you get a chance. A lot of fresh juices also on the pool will make you extremely photogenic to impress your dear ones.

Happy travelling!



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