Best Places to Visit in August

Indian weather is full of surprises and the month of August unfolds many of those surprises before you if you plan your tours around this time. Not just lush green mountains & scenic beaches, even the hot deserts become welcoming to the tourists during August. It won’t be unfair to say that monsoon, rain and cool breeze in the month of August make┬áthe ambiance great to step out of the home and take that delayed vacation. But amongst the places to visit in Augustsit, here are our top picks:


August destinations

Having natural beauty sprawling all over the place, Munnar stands out as a beauty during the rainy season. As a tourist, you witness stunning waterfalls, chirps of birds and a shining landscape wherever you are in Munnar. A rejoicing wildlife and greenery around you makes August a perfect time for any travel to take a drive to Munnar. In addition, you enjoy the off-season benefits and cheap prices as a bonus too.


Places to visit in August

A hilly area that offers you a quick escape from the Mumbai monsoons and is just at a short drive from Mumbai. For the rainy season of August, there are very few places that offer so many things to do and see than Khandala. Whether you love trekking, hiking, or just love nature, Khandala is a perfect getaway for you.


Places to visit in August

Already reputed as one of the most royal places of the country, winds of this city become even more refreshing to your senses. Decorated with architectural marvels, the Pink city of Jaipur offers you great views and sightseeing opportunities at its forts and palaces. The month of August doesn’t let the heat cast a spell on you and helps you enjoy your trip.

Mount Abu

Places to visit in August

Having clouds over your head, grass beneath your feet, and scenic beauty before your eyes, this hill station is a sight to behold during the month of August. Waterfalls start splashing in their full youth, mountains get peaked with mist and every traveler enjoys what they experience at Mount Abu. Not just sightseeing, Mount Abu is a great trekking destination as well.


Places to visit in August

Home to the heritage Hindu temples and Jain temples, Khajurao reminds of the rich art and architecture of the Indian history. These temples are world-famous for their sculptures and carvings that are second to no other place in the world. These temples and their surroundings become embellished with every raindrop whereas the drop in temperature makes Khajurao as great place to visit during the monsoon season
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