Chennai is not for seeing but Experiencing!

Chennai is a beautiful coastal city on the Bay of Bengal. It is a part of East India famous for showcasing the British architecture and East India Company trading outpost. In past, it was also popular as Madras. It is one of the best metropolia of India and it mainly serves as the getaway to South India.

Good Morning Chennai

It is also popular as one of the greatest city to get the best taste of food in India. Chennai will definitely give a culture shock. It is the commercial soul of South India and considered as one of the safest living cities of India. It is amongst the top 52 cities to live in the list of BBC.

Broken Bridge, Chennai

There are lots of things to do in Chennai. The first thing to do when you are in Chennai is discovering the ancient tales and rituals of the Kapaleshwar temple, a 1400-year-old religious spot devoted to Lord Shiva. You can also witness the six daily rituals in the form of poojas in the temple to feel the real devotion of Shiva Worshippers.

The Shore Temple at Mahabalipuram

Other than temples, there are lots of beaches and historical sites to explore in Chennai. Even the food of the Chennai is also world famous. If you are a bird lover, then a most peaceful place to visit to get out of the hustle and bustle of the busy city is Palicat Lake Bird Sanctuary. It has more than 100 species of attractive and colorful birds. It is also the second largest space for brackish water ecosystem in the whole country.

Sri Ramakrishna Universal Temple, Mylapore, Chennai

Is Chennai an ideal destination for beach lovers? For the lovers of beaches, you have plenty of options to soak yourself in the sand and sun. Marina beach and the golden-sand beach are the most beautiful beaches to spend amazing time and enjoy the freshly caught sea fish dishes in the beachside restaurants.

It is true. 🙂 Chennai is not for seeing but Experiencing!


Walking on the streets of Chennai is the best way to explore its modern tradition. historical sites and gully crickets and finally the mouth-water hot street food. Starting from Idli, Sambar, to varieties of Dosa with desi dosai chutney, Sambar Vada, Mirchi Bhajji and so many more dishes to must try here.


Furthermore, it will make active your taste buds and taste the real essence of South India. Coffee is a must. The pure and rejuvenating taste of filter coffee will just gear you to explore the busy city of South India.

Cucumber Dosa

‘Don’t Listen to What they say. Go See!’


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Chennai is not for seeing but Experiencing!

Chennai is not for seeing but Experiencing!

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Master Travel Guide for India | Travel Tips to Explore Incredible India.



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