Coorg- The little Heaven in Karnataka

Coorg- The little Heaven in Karnataka

Coorg is the anglicized name of Kodagu – which is a district in Karnataka. Coorg is regarded as a perfect holiday destination near Bangalore. This is a serene hill station 150 km from Mysore. Being a hill station, Coorg is rich in flora. There is so much to see and admire here. For long this place has been known as the ultimate coffee, pepper and cardamom destination. But it has acquired several other attributes over the years. Some of the best trekking trails are here. International tourists consider the slopes here as the perfect habitat for the chronic picnicker.

There are many places to visit in Coorg and it is less crowded compared to Ooty, Kodaikanal or Munnar. We bring to you 8 such places to visit in Coorg- The little Heaven in Karnataka. Here goes-

1. Brahmagiri Hill Trek

Coorg- The little Heaven in Karnataka

Coorg- The little Heaven in Karnataka

The best way to reach this trekking region is through Coorg. From Coorg, the Brahmagiri Hill trekking range is just 60 km. The trekking trails here are known to be one of the best in the country. They take you through amazing biodiversity. Some of these trails navigate through the Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary.The trekking trails pass through dense forests. Along the way, you can see rivers. You can rest along their banks and take a dip in shallow waters. A photographer’s muse spot, there is no dearth of photograph-worthy places here.

In fact, the entire region looks like a slice of paradise. Trekking through these serene and verdant forests rejuvenates your mind and body and instills fresh energy in you. It appeases your cravings for adventure.

2. Nishani Motte

Coorg- The little Heaven in Karnataka

Coorg- The little Heaven in Karnataka

A rising gem of the Bramhagiri Range in the Western Ghats, NishaniMotte is one of the offbeat treks in Karnataka in the Coorg District. The peak was previously used as a signpost or a signaling spot by rulers in ancient times. The trail being relatively unknown, is a serene and tranquil spot, away from any touristy crowds.

Passing through gently undulating paths, the path goes through some of the greenest and aromatic Coffee plantations, making it an ideal pick for trekkers who love to climb quiet and offbeat trails. Go to NishaniMotte, and enjoy an unparalleled view of the surrounding ranges as well as of Coorg itself!

3. Kumar Parvatha Trek

Coorg- The little Heaven in Karnataka

Coorg- The little Heaven in Karnataka

The second highest peak in Coorg, Kumar Parvatha is the ‘go to’ destination for trekkers who want to experience gorgeous views of the Coorg landscapes. Have the adventure of a lifetime passing through lush, grassy landscapes with occasional views of waterfalls and the ever present greens all around you. The rugged terrains welcome those with a brave heart to explore the trekking trail and be rewarded with impeccable views all around!

4. Votecad Camping

Coorg- The little Heaven in Karnataka

Coorg- The little Heaven in Karnataka

A popular hideaway in Southern Coorg, Votecad is coveted for it’s stunning, almost surreal blanket of greens and palm trees. The river flowing through stoic rocks offers some of the prettiest views. While here, you can hope to participate in various adventure activities such as Tree climbing, Coconut Shooting, Crab Hunting, Raft Building and Trekking through the forests, all of which will satiate your thirst for adventure. Even for the solitude seekers, Votecad is the perfect place to be!

5. Gonikoppal

Coorg- The little Heaven in Karnataka

Coorg- The little Heaven in Karnataka

Gonikoppal is a pretty, picturesque and thoroughly charming destination that is off the beaten track. Being an area with sparse population, Gonikoppal is a blessing to be enjoyed! Located in the VirajpetTaluk, it is surrounded by various spice and coffee plantations and the greens are invigorating to say the least. Camping in these stunning environs is a must have experiencing, which will bring you close to nature and its inviting embrace.

6. Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

Coorg- The little Heaven in Karnataka

This wildlife sanctuary is located in the Northern part of Coorg district.Over here there is an abundance of evergreen and semi-evergreen forests, making it one of the pristine places to visit in Coorg.

In this region lies another favourite trekking spot and peak. Called the Kumaraparvatha, hundreds of trekkers negotiate the difficulties of this mountain and make their way to the top. It is an exciting experience walking in the heart of the jungle. At no point of time will you feel like an uninvited visitor in a jungle. The best time to visit the wildlife sanctuary would be between November and March. You cannot camp in the sanctuary as it is dangerous. You can only visit this place during broad daylight.

7. Nagarhole National Park

Coorg- The little Heaven in Karnataka

Also known as the Rajiv Gandhi National Park, this is a famous wildlife sanctuary located in Coorg. The best season to visit the park is during the summer. Wild animals are seen resting beside water bodies. Tigers are almost always seen near water bodies. Visiting Nagarhole National Park during the rainy season is a damp experience. The rain creates muddy roads. And animals are not seen out in the open.

Inside the forest, there are jungle lodges. Living in the jungle is a thrilling experience. These accommodations are generally safe. They have all the security in place. The best time to see wildlife in their natural habitat would be dawn or dusk.

8. Barapole River

Coorg- The little Heaven in Karnataka

The Barapole River is the location for rafting activities in Coorg. The white water experience here is one of the finest in the country. The river is picturesque and a treasure trove of scenic delights. On either side of the river are forested areas.

Sometimes the thrilling experience could overwhelm you. Those with weak hearts, high blood pressure, fear of water and such conditions are requested to consult a doctor before indulging in this adventure activity.

You might also want not to go back at all and settle in Coorg itself! Such is the charm of the place. So, for all those who are willing to go the extra mile to explore the unexplored, this is the place to be. It is close to nature as well hence it can be a very rejuvenating experience as well. So, go to Coorg and let your wanderlust be sufficed. And, for your convenient and safe journey book a taxi from AHA taxis.

Happy travelling!



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