Everything You Need to Know Before Playing Pokemon Go in India

If you are breathing in this sane world, you must have heard about the viral game, Pokemon Go that has taken the world by storm. Even though the game is not yet (officially)released in India,  everybody is playing it. Just few days to its launch and it has already become a rage here.  Given the game needs you to walk around in order to catch Pokemon, the experience of playing the game varies as per the region. Here are few things you need to know before playing Pokemon Go in India

pokemon go in india

Keep Your Eyes Open to Your Surrounding While Playing it on Indian Roads

‘If you need to cross one-way road in India, you need to check both sides’. This explains how dangerous Indian roads can be, especially for pedestrians. Pokemon Go needs you to keep looking at your phone screens while walking to spot signs of Pokemon in the in-app landmarks. Given that most vehicles as well as pedestrians in India don’t bother to follow basic traffic rules, this can be quite dangerous for Indian roads.  Be aware of your surroundings while playing it on Indian roads for your safety.

You Need Strong 3G Connection. Wi-fi is Not a Solution!

Given that the game requires you to walk outside in order to catch Pokemon, you are less likely to have Wi-fi coverage while playing Pokemon Go. The game becomes unresponsive if the internet connection is poor or if you are in 2G. If you happen to live in an area where 3G does not work, you might not be able to play the game at all. So if you don’t have good internet, Pokemon Go in India is not for you.

A Strong Processor is a Must


Pokemon Go is a graphic intensive game and hence it requires a great processor as well as strong RAM.  In the absence of which you might encounter too many jerks while playing the game.  Make sure you don’t have too many apps open and a part of your phone memory is free before you proceed to download Pokemon Go in India.

It Consumes your Phone’s Battery – A Lot of it

The game accesses both your phone’s location as well as its internet and hence consumes a lot of battery. And given the fact that you need to constantly move around with your phone, it is not possible to plug in the charger while playing the game. So unless you carry a stack of power bank with you, you cannot play a game for more than a few hours. That too if your phone is completely charged. Don’t forget to switch on the battery save mode before playing the game.

You’ll Get Hooked on to it

Many of my friends, who are not gamers, are addicted to Pokemon Go too. And why not? The concept is new, the graphics are amazing and the Pokemon are super cute and unique. If you have exams coming on or a deadline to meet, think again before downloading the game. You will not be able to stop playing!

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Arayan Kummar Sharma

Arayan Kummar Sharma is Cofounder of AHA Taxis and CMO.

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