What Exactly is Good Friday ? 5 Facts You Must Know

Thanks to the secular nation that India is, there is no dearth of holidays in our country. On one hand where we get holidays for Holi and Diwali, we also get holidays for Eid and Christmas. One such holiday, that always excites people thanks to the ‘long weekend’ it always brings along is Good Friday. While we Indians rejoice at the holiday we get, not many of us really know what Good Friday is and why it is celebrated.

Lord Jesus was Crucified on This Day

It is said that after one of Jesus’s 12 apostles betrayed Jesus by kissing him, he was exposed to chief priests. They arrested hum and on demand of crowd, he was crucified. He was beaten, spit on, nails were driven through his wrists and a crown of thorns was placed on his head.

Good Friday is Not Celebrated in Churches

On this day the churches are not decorated and the altar remains bare. A  life sized cross is placed at the center of the altar and those who choose to can touch or kiss the cross. No mass is celebrated on this day

No Meat is allowed for those Fasting on Good Friday

Many people choose to fast on this day to remember what Jesus went through. Since it is Lenten Season Friday, the fasting rules apply and Christians don’t consume meat on the fasting day. They only eat one complete meal and two smaller meals during the day.

A Quite Atmosphere is Maintained During the Day

According to writings in Mark’s Gospel, the crucifixion of Jesus began at 9 am and he died at 3 PM. Therefore, during this time people maintain a quite atmosphere. They remain indoors with a little or no usage of radio, tv or computer.

Possible Reasons why it is Called a Good Friday

There are many theories behind why this day is called ‘Good’ Friday despite the horrific se of events that happened on this day. While some people believe it was earlier called as God’s Friday which eventually changed to ‘Good’, some say it is called as Good Friday because the day is considered as holy.



Arayan Kummar Sharma

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