Exploring Mysore – Jewel of Karnataka

Mysore famous as Mysuru is set at the base of Chamundi hills in the northernmost region of India. It is one of the cleanest cities of India with an ultimate culture and tradition which reforms the city into the cultural center of the state during the rule of Wodeyars. Exploring Mysore – Jewel of Karnataka.

Main Gate of the Mysore Palace

Mysore is also popular as the Jewel of Karnataka because of its unique arts, culture, festivals, architectures, buildings and the glamour of the amazing places.

Mysore Palace Illuminated during Dasara 2014

Exploring Mysore – Jewel of Karnataka

Exploring Mysore Jewel of Karnataka
The Beauty of Mysore Palace

Mysore maintains a good hygiene system and in 2010, Mysore becomes the first Indian city with centralised wifi connection. The beautiful city is mainly famous for its royal tradition and ambiance. You can still feel the charm of ancient Mysore if you visit the beautiful gardens, heritage mansions and historical museums which keeps an everlasting impression on every visitors.

Can spend days at this place clicked at Srirangapatna!

Mysore is the leading software city in India. And also it is the second largest software exporter in Karnataka. Furthermore, it is also the first city in India to have a sky-wheel which is actually to provide the panoramic views of the city to the visitors or travelers who visit Mysore. Mostly the planning for development of Mysore city already starts before the actual constructions of the structures.

Mysore Palace

Most of the Palaces of Mysore is a mix blend of Hindu, Islamic. Gothic and Rajput styles. And also it is also the home to different spices, silk materials, and sandalwood.


Mysore is very popular as ‘The city of Palaces’ and is also well famous for its palaces, art, and culture. In the last, the city of Mysore is just incomplete without visiting the Great Mysore Palace.

Mysore palace

So are you Planning to Explore Mysore – Jewel of Karnataka and the City of Palaces in your near future?

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