Going GAGA At AHA Taxis for my summer internship

Going GAGA At AHA Taxis for my summer internship

Going GAGA At AHA Taxis for my summer internship

Going GAGA At AHA Taxis for my summer internship

Today was my first day as an intern at AHA taxis a start-up in outstation taxi booking, run by IIT IIM alumni. It aims to provide taxis for intercity travel. The uniqueness of the company is that it will charge you the fare for one-way only, hence low-cost rentals are there for the customers to use this service. This makes it the cheapest and smartest car rental company of the country.

I as an intern joined with three objectives in my mind. Firstly to learn more about digital marketing secondly to get an understanding of how the designing of a website is done and lastly to understand how search engine optimization is used to make a website have greater visibility on search engines and how it affects the company’s business.

On the first day I was guided by two of the software engineers on how things work in the company. They helped me install all the necessary software required to do day to day tasks. I made sure I was observing them carefully and asking them questions because these were the people who had real-time experience which no textbook or classroom had to offer.

The atmosphere which a start-up offers is quite different than other well-established companies. This is because there is greater flexibility in working and you have to practice your own discretion and self-discipline to cater to the objectives of the company and your own.

I would conclude by saying that this opportunity looks quite bright to me in terms of learning. Only one thing can hold me back that being not having an IT background. But, as a future marketer I need to understand technology and not know it all because there are specialists for this. Also the company has big competitors like Uber and Ola cabs, but I am sure we would be able to exploit the niche of intercity travel and make our place in the market. For me, it is time for going gaga at AHA Taxis!




Arayan Kummar Sharma

Arayan Kummar Sharma is Cofounder of AHA Taxis and CMO.

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