Happy Birthday Shahrukh Khan – 4 Awesome Performances of Shahrukh Khan That Touched Our Hearts

SRK a.k.a. King Khan has given billions of us a million reasons to smile over two decades. Whereas his everlasting super charming looks, chiselled body and unmatched acting skills have made profound contribution to the Indian cinema, his philanthropic persona has given the society much more than what he gained from it. On Shahrukh Khan’s birthday today, we bring you 5 ocassions among countless where he touched our hearts unconditionally:


With his debut movie, he made us Deewana and even won a Filmfare award for the best debut male actor in 1992. Whenever you watch this movie, his charm of a love-struck wealthy man pounces at you and makes your heart skip a beat. With his appearance and acting, SRK had set a new milestone that was never to be crossed by anyone in the Indian cinema.


Those who watched this movie will never forget how a chocolaty face could play an oh-so-successful villain and could change the way the country looked at the villainous characters. His on-screen chemistry with Juhi Chawla, lunatic display of passion in love, and the historical dialog “k..k..k..Kiran…” still remains in our memories just as fresh as it was in 1993.


Even though the movie didn’t fared that well at the box office,  the character of Shahrukh Khan as the NASA scientist whose heart belongs to his motherland is still fresh in our memory.  With Swadesh, Shahrukh made us realize that we can fall in love with the hero even if he is just like one of us and not the larger than life character that most of us are used to.

My Name is Khan

Never before we felt so much for a person with Asperger’s Syndrome as we did for the Khan who embarked on a journey to meet the President. Our heart laughed with his innocence and cried with his pain. It is surreal how our oh-so-chocolaty hero can effortlessly transform himself into a character like ‘Mr. Khan’ from epiglottis.

On Shahrukh Khan’s birthday, we wish him an awesome life. Keep filling our very-average life with such awesome performances.

Happy Birthday Shahrukh Khan




Arayan Kummar Sharma

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