Luxury Hotels Versus Hostels – A Tough Choice

Luxury hotels versus hostels have always been a topic of debate. While some travelers claim travel is all about relaxation and luxury hotels play an important role in providing that. Many other travelers believe traveling is about exploration and hostels give you an opportunity to connect with different kinds of people. However, the good thing is brands like Zostel are bridging the gap between the two and are coming up with something like a luxury hostel.

While the budget always has a deciding part in luxury hotels versus hostels choice, here are few other things that make a difference:

luxury hotel Hostels

Whom you are traveling with

If you are travelling with your partner or with a kid, luxury hotels make a better choice. This will give you the privacy you might be seeking with your partner. However, if you are a group of friends traveling together, a hostel room with a dorm-style bed would be a better choice.

Number of people traveling together

If 2-3 people are travelling together, they can easily manage in one hotel room. However, if the number of people travelling is more than 4, it is always a better option to choose one huge hostel room with 8-10 beds instead of booking multiple rooms and the arguing over whom to share the room with.

Many people argue that luxury hotels and the hostel have completely different audience and there is no way both of them are competitors. Of course, they do have varied audiences. However, there is still a section of middle-class traveler who discusses with his family and ha a healthy debate over the luxury hotel or hostel before venturing out on a tour they have planned for long.


Thanks to the stiff competition in the hotel market and start-ups like OYO rooms, luxury hotels have become more affordable and have been alluring people from all sections of society.  In addition, there are many online portals like Makemytrip, Goibibo, and Trivago that are giving huge discounts on luxury hotels bringing them in par with hostels if not less.

Booking Cheap Hotels is now easy in India with thousands of online portals from where you can get the best price possible. The desired hotel is a place where we stay while traveling and we want to get homely services to stay and choose a particular hotel for homestay and vacation rentals. Get hassle-free hotel bookings, exclusive rooms, premium hotels, and corporate travel spaces for a family vacation, honeymoon, Group, and edu tours.

However, hostels have their share of pros too. While they are affordable, convenient, and good for a large group of people, they are also great at giving you a peek into the culture of the city you are traveling to. For example, Zostel at Rishikesh organizes Yoga classes in the morning followed by a hiking trip to nearby hills and not to forget Karaoke and Bollywood night every Sunday. For people looking for a fun outing, all these seem like a lucrative offer.

The debate on luxury hotels versus hostels is never-ending. Each comes with a number of benefits. And in the end, it comes down to only one thing i.e. the personal choice.



Arayan Kummar Sharma

Arayan Kummar Sharma is Cofounder of AHA Taxis and CMO.

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