New-age Travel Quotes Inspiring You to Travel in the Facebook Era

Travel Quotes are so inspiring. But lets admit it; most of the popular travel quotes are several decades old. They are from the time when there was no internet, no social network and most importantly, no Facebook.  Facebook has completely changed the way we used to travel but the travel quotes are still the same old.  AHA Taxis brings you to some realistic travel quotes inspiring you to travel at the times of Facebook:

1) Rahul went to Singapore on his honeymoon, I will go there too!

Travel Quotes 2

2) You know Kerala was so awesome, I just couldn’t stop clicking it

Travel Quotes (4)

3) 5 days of holiday and 5 new albums on Facebook Timeline

Travel Quotes

4) 517 travel pics posted. Only!

Travel Quotes 6

5) Yayyyy…. I can post one new cover photo everyday

Travel Quotes 3

6) My life on Facebook is awesome!

Travel Quotes 5

7) I only clicked 1879 photos on my last vacation

Travel quotes 7


Tell us about your modern day travel quotes and get a chance to win discount vouchers from AHA Taxis.



Arayan Kummar Sharma

Arayan Kummar Sharma is Cofounder of AHA Taxis and CMO.

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  1. Corinth says:

    Someone is really jealous they can’t travel to exotic places. Lol

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