Nikola Tesla and The Oatmeal Comic – Fundraising for Tesla Science Center

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Nikola Tesla – hero of the world’s greatest inventions during the 19th and 20th century. But to his biggest surprise, there was buzz of threat to the Tesla tower located on a long Island of USA which was soon getting converted into a retail space.Nikola Tesla and The Oatmeal Comic.

Nikola Tesla postcard (Serbia)

He was in a great shock by this fact of losing the Tesla tower. And it was soon believe to secure New York’s wireless electrical transmission all across the Atlantic.

How the Oatmeal Comic helped Tesla?

Nikola Tesla

Self-proclaimed – ‘Tesla Nerd’ created a interesting comic about Nikola Tesla to raise fund to save the Tesla Tower – ‘Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived?’

Mathew Inman, the founder and the creator of the web comic ‘The Oatmeal’ and the discovery of the Oatmeal theory. He actually made a fundraising efforts to save the Tesla tower by joining with the Tesla Science Center.

Even Mathew Inman asked Elon Musk to review the model S and asked him a little favor by providing the ‘The Oatmeal’ comic to donate towards the completion of the Nicola Tesla Museum Project.

Tesla tower

Due to the popularity of the comic, Tesla gained a large following of fans.

He also mentioned in the comic that Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. But it’s actually not true! Tesla was the one who improved the pioneer of the light bulb with the idea of 22 other men to discover it.

In fact, Mathew Inman also happens to love Tesla both as the legendary inventor and the car company so he attempted to support the Tesla Museum.

Tesla’s Greatest Achievement


Tesla’s greatest achievement that the whole world could use is the AC (Alternating Current). And meanwhile also discover the resonant frequency of the earth.

Nikola Tesla

Fundraising for Tesla Science Center

Tesla supervises the action

The Oatmeal Comic theory convinces Elon Musk to donate $ 1.37 million for the Tesla Museum. And same time he also build a supercharger station in the museum’s parking lot. Still the Tesla Science Center needed $ 8 million. And it will be used for re-building of Tesla’s laboratory refinishing and restoration.

Matthew Inman SXSW 2013 Keynote

As of today, the campaign ‘Let’s Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum’ has raised a fund over $ 8,00,000 dollars.

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