Panama City Interesting facts


Panama City Interesting Facts
Panama City Interesting Facts

Panama City is in the news for Panama papers these days, is also known as The Republic of Panama(its official name).

It is the south-most country in the American continent. Well if you are planning a vacation here, this can turn up to be your best decision. It’s the best place for adventure lovers, away from all the hustle of globalization; it’s a best natural getaway. Panama is also known as the best place for retirement. It’s a very great place to visit, everyone can have fun here. Along with all the fun locations, there are some fun facts about this place.

Let’s start with some General facts.

Panama City is the capital and also the largest city of Panama. It is filled with dense rain forests and has the total population of 3.6 million; this makes it the city with the lowest population in Central America.
Panama has fought for independence twice, once from Spain in 1821 and a second time from Colombia in 1903.
Balboa is official currency of Panama and its official language is Spanish.
The very famous Panama Canal was built by the US Army between 1904 and 1914 and it’s the most important thing of this city. It generates one-third of Panama’s whole economy and it’s also considered as the 7th modern World Wonders.

But there is one crazy and the sad fact, that about 12,000 people died during the construction of the Panama Railroad which connects Panama City to Colon.

Some facts for Travellers.

Panama has the most diverse wildlife and has a huge coastline of around 2.45 Km long.
One interesting fact, Panama is the only place on earth where you’ll see a sunrise from the Pacific Ocean and sunset on the Atlantic Ocean.

Panama City Interesting Facts
Panama City Interesting Facts

It is the home for surfers; it often conducts many surfing championships. The best time for surfing here is from May to October. Panama has the world’s second largest volcano crater called the El Valle de Anton. Panama is bordered by Columbia, but fun fact, there are no connecting roads to Columbia.

Good news for shoppers, Panama has the second largest duty-free zone on the planet, great right.
Did you even know that bird watching and fishing were sports? Well, Panama has set multiple world records in this field.
Panama has a very beautiful motto which is “for the benefit of the world”, well it’s very nice.





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