Reasons why AHA taxis app is the best gift for travelers in india

Reasons why AHA taxis app is the best gift for travelers in India | AHA Taxis

Here is a list of reasons why the AHA TAXIS app is the best thing since you thought of travel! We share reasons that will keep you hooked to this incredible travel tool all over India.

1) Plan Travel Destination On Mobile

Plan Travel Destination on Mobile | AHA Taxis

If you have ever dreamt of going skydiving, scuba diving, bird watching or on a bike ride with your loved ones or family then here you go with AHA TAXIS app. All you have to do is just simple download the app and can choose your favorite destination where all your dreams come true.

Book incredible holiday destinations from more than 30 cities in India at one single place. So you don’t need to go hunting and searching for great holiday ideas anymore. Tell your friends and friends-of-friends about this awesome app and we guarantee your coolness quotient will climb up a few notches!

2) Lowest Prices Guaranteed

Lowest Price Guaranteed | AHA Taxis

Let’s face it. Indians want ‘best price with best quality’. And we take this very seriously and try to provide our customer with best travel rates without compromising the quality.

You want best price? You get lowest travel prices guaranteed! Pick your holiday dates and destination without worrying about the prices.

3) One way or Round-trip

One Way or Round Trip | AHA Taxis

We are different from others as because we not only provide trips for one-way but also for round-trips for outstations with our best price and trusted drivers.

We want your happiness and you can have fun or spend some of your precious time with your loved ones without paying an extra penny.

Earlier when you travel for one way you have to pay double but with our amazing mobile app now you don’t have to do. Pay only for the actual kms run. Isn’t that awesome?

4) Get Inspired By Our Blog

Get Inspired by Our Blog | AHA Taxis

You no longer need all those Bollywood flicks to inspire you to travel. Collated and curated based on reviews shared by members, the blog will definitely whet your appetite to set out and discover India. Get to know which ‘places serve the most delicious food in India’ to ‘holiday spots where you can experience snow in summer’. Get your daily dose of inspiration.

5) Get Registered

Registration Page | AHA Taxis

We understand the human need to be loved and recognized. Get registered yourself with AHA TAXIS app and you will be able to get some other special offers or discounts.

The more you travel with AHA TAXIS, the more return and happiness you will get. And yes don’t forget to share your travelling reviews with us. This will make us to serve you better.

So guys what you are waiting for. Go and download the AHA TAXIS APP now and you can win special discounts and offers. And enjoy your travelling with your loved ones.

We wish you a very happy and safe travelling.




Arayan Kummar Sharma

Arayan Kummar Sharma is Cofounder of AHA Taxis and CMO.

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