Shopping to Home Coming – 7 Signs Diwali is Here

Diwali for us Indians is not only about one day. Diwal is like an event that starts long before it actually does.  No matter which corner of the country you live in, you can feel festivities in the air weeks before the real date. From shopping to home coming, here are few signs Diwali is here:

1) Big/Grand/Great Diwali Online Sale Begins

Signs Diwali is Here

This is a new entrant to the list of Diwali Signs but is seriously one of the most visible signs Diwali is here. From TV commercials to newspapers to online ads (of course) no other thing screams ‘Diwali is here’ as much as these online sales do.

2) Lights, lights and more lights

Diwali Signs

Thanks to low cost and low electricity consuming LED lights, now you can see people decorating their houses and even streets with colourful lights as soon as 2 weeks ahead of Diwali

3) Shopping

Signs Diwali is Here

Diwali is never complete without entering a shopping spree. From new clothes for yourself to buying Diwali gifts for friends, relatives and colleagues, Shopping is a very important part of Diwali

4) Diwali ki Bakshish

Diwali Signs is Here

Saab ji/Madam ji Diwali ki Bakshish –  from guards to milkman, dhobi and of course the house help, there is a long list of people who are expecting a big fat Diwali ki bakshish from you and would start reminding you of it long before the festival arrives

5) Children Burning Last Year’s Fire Crackers

Signs Diwali is Here

You are working in your living room and ‘BOOM’. It is still a week to Diwali and what better way to warm up for the festival than burning last year fire crackers

6) Diwali ki Safai

Diwali Signs is Here

Goddess Lakshmi enters only inside a clean house. No wonder entire nation gets into a revolution called Diwali ki Safai kicking out every little inch of dust from their house. Diwali is Safai is one of the first signs Diwali is here

7) Home-Coming

Home coming

And home-coming on Diwali. From applying leaves to booking taxis, we start preparing for home-coming on Diwali weeks in advance. It clearly is one of the Diwali signs we all become a part of.

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Arayan Kummar Sharma

Arayan Kummar Sharma is Cofounder of AHA Taxis and CMO.

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