Still Waiting for Waitlisted Train Tickets to Confirm? Here is Why AHA Taxis is Better Than Train to Go Home This Diwali

Diwali is synonymous to home-coming in India. No matter which corner of the country you are currently in, you have to be home on Diwali.  Quite naturally, train tickets for Diwali weekend is completely booked in less than an hour after it is open (and it opens 120 days ahead).  And even during that time server is badly crammed and you can consider yourself very very lucky even if you manage to secure a waitlisted ticket.

So, if you are still waiting for that waitlisted ticket to confirm, save yourself the stress and book AHA Taxis to go home this Diwali.  Not only will it reduce the anxiety but it will also assure a comfortable trip in your private car at an affordable price. Here are few reasons why AHA taxis is better than train this Diwali:

AHA Taxis is better than train

1) 43% Cancellation Cost on Train Tickets

Earlier I used to book multiple train tickets on different trains and different dates just to be on safe side. However, nowadays they charge you a freaking 45% of cancellation charges on train tickets. That means if a 3rd AC ticket costs you 1500, you have to pay nearly 700 per ticket of cancellation charges. Thankfully, cancellation with AHA Taxis is an easy and pocket-friendly affair.

2) Surety as compared to Train Tickets

You have to sometimes wait until the last minute to find out if your waitlisted train tickets are going to be confirmed or not. And in case it doesn’t you will be left to make last minute travel arrangements. With AHA Taxis, you can be rest assured that you will surely get a can if you have booked one. No last minute surprises.

3) Pay a Fixed One-way Prices Even if Multiple People Are Travelling

When travelling by train you will have to buy tickets for every person travelling. Not with AHA Taxis. You hire a cab and pay a fixed price.  If going one-way, pay only for the distance travelled. No hidden charges, no return trip fares.

4) Pick-up from your home, no additional taxi costs

In addition to train ticket charges, travelling by train needs additional expenditures like taxi to and from railway station and coolie charges. AHA Taxis picks you up from your home thereby preventing any sort of additional taxi costs.

5) Comfort, convenience

No mad rush, no nosey co-passengers, no reaching at odd hours, no waiting for WL tickets to confirm. It is only comfort and convenience with AHA Taxis.

With so many reasons showing why AHA Taxis is better than train to go home this Diwali, now you can easily make a sane choice.  Book your AHA Taxis today to go home this Diwali before  we are all booked.



Arayan Kummar Sharma

Arayan Kummar Sharma is Cofounder of AHA Taxis and CMO.

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