Ten types of characters you meet travelling

Ten types of characters you meet travelling


Every time we travel we come across certain kinds of people. Some are funny, some are friendly, some weird and some downright obnoxious. We bring to you ten types of people you meet while travelling. Here goes-

1) The quiet one

Quiet one | AHA Taxis

There are two types of quiet people. The first are the ones who prefer to be left alone and not disturbed. They do everything by themselves with no intention of interacting unless absolutely necessary like when they ask you what the Wi-Fi password is. They like being alone and just observing everyone like they’re doing research for their thesis on social interactions. The second type of quiet people are the ones who don’t have the social skills required to interact with others. They really want to. And they try so hard to be in a situation where it would be easy to talk to someone. They may come across as creepy but are really good at heart.

2) The freedom seekers

freedom seeker | AHA Taxis

We all live in this prison, which is called life. Or at least that is what these guys will tell you. And you can only identify them after you’ve struck up a conversation with them. These are the people who have quit their jobs because they didn’t like the life they were living, and are travelling to discover the world and find themselves. They would be the ones with the most interesting personalities but when you ask them what they used to do before they quit, they would mention the most boring jobs. In other words, they would be the ones whose personality did not fit what they used to do.

3) The Newbie

newbie | AHA Taxis

It’s this person’s first time travelling by themselves. They’re clutching their guide book and their backpack looks like it’s about to burst out because of the over packing that has been done. All of their clothes and travel gear are brand new, maybe they’re even decked out head to toe. This person is just so eager to experience it all and you can’t blame them.

4) The Lone Soul

lone soul | AHA Taxis

The solo traveller comes in many varieties. Some are travelling to get away from it all, others are on a 2-week vacation from work, and some are simply travelling to just travel and experience the world on their own terms. Travelling alone can be an exhilarating experience but it can also get lonely at times. The lone traveller should be treated with care and friendliness.

If you see one of us eating a meal alone or sitting by ourselves don’t hesitate to introduce yourselves. When you’re by yourself on the road sometimes you can go a whole day without talking to someone and an extended invitation to get drinks or to hang out is always appreciated.

5) The Nomad

NOmad | AHA Taxis

They’ve been everywhere and done nearly everything but they don’t plan on going home anytime soon. In fact, they usually don’t have a “home.” Their world is their playground and somehow they have enough money to keep travelling. I’ve met this type on buses, in airports, and hostel bars. They usually fund their travels by teaching English, working cruise ships, making and selling their own product, or some other job that gives them the flexibility to travel.

6) The “know-it-all” Uncle

Know it all | AHA Taxis

He claims to have utilised his time on the planet well. He has travelled the world, read a lot, and has earned immense wealth and wisdom. The only thing he doesn’t know is minding his own business. He will judge you and advise you and at times go down the nostalgia trip of his younger days, and more often than not there is no escape from this one, especially when you are going to traditional or religious destinations.

7) The Gamer

Gamer | AHA Taxis

Antakshari, Dumb Charades, Chor Police, Hide and Seek, Book cricket, quizzes or mobile games, the gamers are involved in some sort of games all the time. Generally good with kids (if not kids themselves), the gamers are the interesting company to have during the trip.

8) The Foodie

Foodie | AHA Taxis

Not only does edible stuff form the majority of the food fanatic’s luggage, he also samples every food that is sold, served or offered to him. The food fanatic knows every station en route by its culinary specialty and might get offended if you don’t appreciate a dish that he adores. Be with or around them if you want to listen to interesting stories about hunger as well as appetite.

9) The Daredevils

daredevils | AHA Taxis

Because travelling safely and comfortably ‘inside,’ the train is for the weak hearted! The real thrill is hanging by the door of a fast moving train while feeling the breeze ruffle your hair. Most of the times they make it to their destination, if not they make it to the next day’s newspapers. You dont want to be the latter.

10) The roaring snorers

roaring snores | AHA Taxis

Quarrelling families, yelling kids, or aggressive rounds of antakshari; nothing has enough mettle to disturb the sound sleep of the roaring snorer; although the snoring saga sometimes results in the co passengers not getting any sleep at all, if travelling solo, most often sleeps past the destination he was supposed to disembark at.

These are just a few kinds you might new! So, book your taxi at AHA taxis. Travel more, explore more!



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