The City of Golden Temple Amritsar

The City of Golden Temple Amritsar

The city of Golden Temple Amritsar. I  want you to remember your trips or vacations of past few years. Found something similar? If you didn’t then let me help you. As we all grew up our meaning of vacation is just going to a hill station or beaches and we forgot about all other places where we can go and enjoy the city as well as our vacations. However, the question still remains where to go and will it be worth it? If you are looking for a trip back in past with patriotism in the air and see the golden temple then you should take time from your busy schedule and go to the city of aaloo parantha and lassi  you guessed right this time AMRITSAR.  

Things to do in Amritsar:

For a jaw-dropping experience, visit Amritsar’s stunning Golden Temple, the holiest place of worship for Sikhs the world over. Open 24 hours a day, the massive golden palace rising out of a man-made lake is a truly impressive sight to behold and it’ll be tough to stop snapping photos from every angle as it is majestic from everywhere. Take a dip in the holy Sarovar (holy pond) and explore the site, visited by millions of pilgrims and tourists from all over the world.

Note that inside the temple, it’s mandatory to cover your head at all times. The temple welcomes everyone, regardless of cast, creed, or race. If you have time and you’re hungry, don’t miss a meal at the langar, the largest free community kitchen in the world, which feeds upwards of 100,000 people a day. The kitchen is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.The city of Golden Temple Amritsar.


Apart from Golden Temple:

From there you can go to Jallianwala Bagh which is just within walking distance from the golden temple. This was turned into a memorial for the victims of the massacre on 13 April 1919 Baisakhi. It still has those bullet holes in its wall and solitary well where people jumped. This will sure make you remember our ancestors struggle for our Independence and fill you with pride.

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If you still don’t feel like full-on patriotism then your next stop is Wagah Border where our brave BSF puts up an evening ceremony. Also referred to as the beating retreat border ceremony, the highly choreographed ritual involves music, coordinated movements, and lots of pomp and circumstance. The ceremony takes place every evening before sunset and lasts about 45 minutes and it is on the gates of India-Pakistan border and all that cheering up will make you filled with pride and love for your country.

Image result for wagah borderGet your history fix by exploring Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum, a museum dedicated to Maharaja Ranjit Singh, otherwise known as the “Lion of Punjab.” Maharaja Ranjit Singh founded the Sikh empire and the museum is well worth a visit for anyone interested in learning about Sikh culture and history. What is now the museum was originally the summer palace of the Maharaja and houses many of his belongings, including weapons, coins, armour, and paintings. One of the main attractions here is an impressive panorama that depicts the Maharaja’s major battles. This will sure give you a taste of Punjab rich heritage and history.The City of Golden Temple Amritsar.

Here are some pics of Amritsar :

The City of Golden Temple Amritsar

The City of Golden Temple Amritsar

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How to Reach Amritsar:

Amritsar is very well connected with most of the cities by train and airport. It is located on historic Grand Trunk road(GT Road), also known as NH 3. If you love a good drive then you should go by road as it is an only 7 hours drive from Delhi. You can book AHA TAXIS for your easy and convenient travel. You will be charged on: go one-way pay one-way basis with doorstep pickup and drop and that too in comfortable AC Cabs. NO hidden charges. So hop in the cabs now and enjoy the tour of history.

The City of Golden Temple Amritsar

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