Charminar: The Real Essence of Hyderabad

Know the Interesting Facts about Charminar.

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  • The Charminar has a number of religious implications and now it is universally accepted that it was constructed at the center of the city to admire the elimination of plague and a destructive disease was comprehensive at the time of Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah.
  • The Charminar is historically 450 years old which makes it the quite oldest monument in India. The structure of this monument is still well maintained and strong.
  • There is an underground tunnel inside the Charminar which was built to connect the Golconda fort. The location of the tunnel is still a mystery. – In the year 1889, the clock was computed on the four important directions of the Charminar. There is a water cistern with a fountain for cleansing before offering prayer in a charming destination.
  • The Charminar is the implication of a lot of spiritual importance and it was constructed to honor an undertaking which the king Quli Qutb Shah has made to Allah. Charminar is a symbol of love and affection.
  • The significance of the cat’s head in the Charminar which is designed in the apex of one of the small arches on the eastern side due to the reason that cats keep away rats, and once in Hyderabad, the rats almost destroyed the city.
Charminar: The Real Essence of Hyderabad



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