Things you can do in 99 Rupees

In today’s world, where the price of all things around is shooting high, there is very little you can get for 99 bucks. Even a good evening hangout can cost you a lot. Not even hang out with friends, but also, traveling is not cheap too, a small journey in an auto-rickshaw can cost you, at least, a range of 30 to 50 rupees. But still, between all these expensive stuff there are lot of fun things you can do in 99 rupees, you’ll just have to lower your expectations a bit and just get open to a bunch of different things like:

Book Cab Rs 99

Book Cab Rs 99


Have Some Street Food:

Street foods are often cheap and delicious, so it’s not that bad idea to quit a 5-star restaurant and try the local cuisine. So choose a smallest and oldest shop with a bit of a crowd and just stop worrying about hygiene for a day. Well, this will fit the pockets of many travellers and it’s quite an amazing thing to try out the local food.


Visit Local Attractions:

If you want to spend a good amount of time with a very little expenditure, try roaming around local attractions like visit a zoo or a well-known park, maybe a small museum. Find a place to sit and relax and easy out your travel stress.


Shopping Without Shopping? That’s Window Shopping:

Now window shopping can be a nice fun. You can hang out in a good air conditioned malls, try out cool gadgets and stuff without spending a single penny. But yeah, don’t overdo it so that the salesman kicks you out lol.



If anyhow you want to buy something around, the go full retard and bargain. Try your luck out and get your stuff for the least amount. Pro tip, send a girl to bargain :P.


Watch a Movie:

Apart from big multiplexes, there are also a lot of small single screens where you can enjoy a movie just under 100 bucks, but there’s a catch, you will not be able to buy any snacks and you may find some annoying bunch of people. Still you can enjoy the movie.


Book a Cab to Travel @Rs99.

After reading this you might sound like “whaaaattt” or “Are you kidding me?” but yeah, this is true. Now traveling is not that difficult and costly, with Ahataxis it’s easy to book a cab and that too just for 99 rupees, how cool is that. This can be gold for many fellow travellers and others too.  Book it Now





Arayan Kummar Sharma

Arayan Kummar Sharma is Cofounder of AHA Taxis and CMO.

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