Travelling from Delhi? Shimla, Jaipur or Ranthambore, What is Your Pick?

As one of the leading taxi aggregator for outstation taxis, we regularly receive booking to famous tourist destinations across Delhi. From Haridwar to Shimla, from Jaipur to Amritsar, there are many hot routes which receive a regular flow of booking requests on a daily basis.

In this article, we have listed the hottest destinations of people booking outstation taxis from Delhi

1) Haridwar/ Rishikesh

We Indians are religious and a tourist destination that is both religious and scenic is an added bonus. Add some adventure sports such as river rafting to satisfy the travel junkie in you and we get the hottest destination from Delhi. So when are you booking your taxi from Delhi to Haridwar?

2) Shimla

Shimla is one of the most popular hill stations not only around Delhi but also in the entire country. The classy mall road with an international feel, the scenic hills, the endless rows of cedar trees and of course the tea estate, Shimla has a unique appeal to it. No wonder its so popular with us too! So when are you booking your taxi from delhi to shimla?

3) Agra

From Delhities to people flying from other parts of India or abroad, Taj Mahal is on everybody’s hot list. And with the beauty marvel that the Taj Mahal is, we aren’t a bit surprised about getting so many requests of outstation taxis from Delhi to Agra everyday

4) Jaipur

When it comes to forts, heritage, culture, colours and grandeur, Jaipur takes the cake.  As the Rajasthan Tourism Ad rightly says, hume Rajasthan kuch aisa dikha. And of course the beautiful expressway from Delhi to Jaipur makes it all the more alluring to take a road trip there. So when are you booking your taxi from delhi to jaipur?

5) Ranthambore

For people who want a quiet time away from city, Ranthambore National Park in Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan is very popular. If you’re lucky you can spot a tiger or you can spend spme time visiting the forts and temples in the vicinity. Nevertheless you will surely love your time here and so do the people booking taxi from Delhi to Ranthambore

This is our list of hottest destinations for people travelling from Delhi. So what is your pick?



Arayan Kummar Sharma

Arayan Kummar Sharma is Cofounder of AHA Taxis and CMO.

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