Visit 15 domestic tourist destinations by 2022: PM Modi urges to People

India is a blessed country that attracts millions of travelers from all over the world throughout the year to explore its amazing beaches, mountains, plains, backwaters or islands. Many foreigners love to visit India just to spend a memorable and unforgettable vacation experience. Indian is famous for its travel and tourism. Each and every state have different tourist and adventure attractions which will entertain tourists by tranquil places, natural wonders, architecture, history, and spirituality. | Visit 15 domestic tourist destinations by 2022: PM Modi urges to People |

Visit 15 domestic tourist destinations by 2022: PM Modi urges to People

Visit 15 domestic tourist destinations by 2022: PM Modi urges to People

The historical gems of India are going to make you fall in love with the rock sculptures, monolith statues or archaeological sites. Every monument and old architecture of India is associated with a greater historical significance. To mark the 72nd anniversary of Independence Day, PM Modi urges people in his I-Day speech that ‘We Indians travel abroad for holidays but this is the time, we think of at least 15 tourist destinations across India to visit before 2022 when we mark our 25 years of Independence’.

Visit 15 domestic tourist destinations by 2022: PM Modi urges to People

Visit 15 domestic tourist destinations by 2022: PM Modi urges to People

India is HUGE, it will never get boring. In India, travelers get a chance to meet hundreds of people enjoying the ultimate mix of good and challenging experiences. Get carried away by the amazing Indian flavors. Indian food is the best in the world and it also brings balance to your diet and health. It is because the ancient ayurvedic medicine teaches us to balance the six flavors into every meal: Salty, bitter, sour, sweet, spicy and astringent. Every year thousands of people come to India in order to find themselves or recover from the past, whether through yoga, meditation, or to study Buddhism or Hinduism. Or simply wander in India searching for an answer to life.

Visit 15 domestic tourist destinations by 2022: PM Modi urges to People

Varanasi – India’s Spiritual City

Explore Varanasi: The Best City with Culture and Spirituality in India

Varanasi is a very popular pilgrimage point for Hindus, and the older part of Varanasi, which has thrived on the banks of the river Ganga, is an integral part of the very infrastructure of the city, with thousands of people flocking there for salvation and purification. 

Leh Ladakh – The heaven on Earth

10 Must See Places in Ladakh

Visit 15 domestic tourist destinations by 2022

Ladakh is also called as the land of passes and the valleys offer breathtaking views of Himalaya. The most famous mountain passes in Ladakh is Khardung La pass and that is also the highest motorable pass in the Leh Ladakh.

Agra – City Beyond the Taj Mahal

Interesting Facts About Agra

One of the Seven Wonders of the World, needless to say, Taj is magnificently crafted. The interesting story that the hands of the craftsmen who built TajMahal were cut soon after it was completed fascinates me more. The precise marble cuts and the smoothness of the touch with the symmetry are awesome to see.

Rishikesh – Adventure Capital of India

Weekend Getaways near Delhi

Visit 15 domestic tourist destinations by 2022

Rishikesh is an amazing city in the Himalayan foothills beside the Ganges River. Weekend getaways in search of adventure from Chandigarh are easier you can just book a car from Chandigarh to Rishikesh and explore Rishikesh which is the hub of many ancient temples, cafes, yoga ashrams and adventure activities like Rafting and Kayaking. 

Kanatal – Hill station with a lost Helmet

Kanatal: Best Camping Experience in the Himalayas

Kanatal is a serene and picturesque destination snuggled on the Chamba-Mussoorie road. It is very famous for its picture-perfect and boasts of heavenly scenery, luxuriant vegetation, and adventure activities. Kanatal is a popular place for getaways from Chandigarh, book a taxi from Chandigarh to Kanatal and explore the place in search of peace and solitude.

Shimla – The Queen of hills

7 Must Visit Places in Shimla

Shimla is a beautiful hill station nestled in the mighty Himalayas with undulating terrains and slopes. It is also popular as the ‘Queen of Hills’. The best time to visit Shimla is from the month of September to December and the best way to travel across Shimla is roadways, you can just book a cab from Chandigarh to Shimla and explore the best routes of India. 

Lonavala – Of Misty Trails and Ancient Forts

Best Places to visit in August in India

Visit 15 domestic tourist destinations by 2022

Lonavala is arranged in entirely safe good ways from both Pune and Mumbai. It is a most loved weekend goal for individuals on the west coast in August in India. The slope town wakes up with lush green surrounding during the storms and it is an enjoyment during Maharashtra’s abundant wet months. 

Mussoorie – India’s Premier Hill Station

10 places to visit in mussorie

Visit 15 domestic tourist destinations by 2022

Mussoorie is nestled in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayan ranges. It is quite a scene during the month of August in India. The drive from Dehradun to Mussoorie itself is breathtaking, and it adds up to the undulating hills of Mussoorie and the spectacular view of the Himalayas, You’ve for yourself a holiday of perfectly quiet ambiance.

Cherrapunjee – Where wet is beautiful

Cherrapunjee is a beautiful spot in Meghalaya which is considered as the second wettest spot on earth. This destination gets precipitation consistently throughout the year. During storm season, you probably won’t almost certainly appreciate the rainstorm trekking trip.


Agumbe is one of the most well-known treks in South India. The mountains and valleys are loaded up with various cascades which are a prime fascination; there are additionally demolishes of sanctuaries going back to the Hoysala Empire which merits a visit. There is a display raised on a high purpose of the slopes to see the nightfall and you can see the Arabian Sea.

Rajauri – The Rural Beauty

Rajauri is a beautiful and scenic town in the Rajauri district of Jammu and Kashmir. It is a hill station set in the backdrop of the Himalayas with many pilgrimage points, which are visited by numerous visitors, who starts their journey from Jammu and explore one of the most popular spots is Naogazi Ziarat which is situated near the Dhauidhar Fort containing the grave of Qutub Shah Wali.

Mathura – The Land of Gods

8 Temples to Visit in Mathura

Visit 15 domestic tourist destinations by 2022

Mathura welcomes everyone to the land of gods. It is a sacred city in the northern region of India, Uttar Pradesh. It is the hometown of Lord Krishna as it is his birthplace. Apart from these, it has many historical pilgrimages and religious sites with spiritual significance.

Kullu – A Romantic Getaway Destination

Kullu is a beautiful hill station with the snowy ranges of the Himalayas. It is mainly a picturesque destination with temples. This charming hill station has amazing hills and numerous local spots. The Kullu valley is an ideal destination to spend some time with nature.

Rohtang Pass – Tale of Himalayan Passes

Visit 15 domestic tourist destinations by 2022: PM Modi urges to People

Visit 15 domestic tourist destinations by 2022

Rohtang pass is a high mountain pass around 3970 m above the sea level on the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas. It connects the Kullu valley with Lahaul and Spiti valleys of Himachal Pradesh. The mountain slope is beautiful. It is an ideal destination for adventure sports for skiing and ice-skating. It is the gateway to Keylong in the Lahaul valley.

Coorg – Scotland of India

Visit 15 domestic tourist destinations by 2022: PM Modi urges to People

Coorg is a calm and little town in the western ghats of Karnataka It is famous as ‘Scotland of India’. This place has a cool climate and dense forests on the steep hill with greenery and dazzling landscape. It is considered as an ideal destination for solo trips, families, and couples. This place is full of unexplored places, attractive and chill cafes and luxury houses for expensive gems.

The gladdest moment in human life is a departure into unknown lands.

– Sir Richard Burton



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