A visit to Sukhna Lake: The one and only waterbody of Chandigarh

Sukhna Lake is a man-made lake which is one of the most prominent tourist attraction in Chandigarh. It stretches over 3 km which was created by building a stone-cum-earthen embankment to block the view of water of the Sukhna Choe that originates in the Shivalik hills. The serene and soothing environment of the Sukhna Lake will ease out all your stress. In the mornings and evenings, you can witness the city people walking along the lake. | A visit to Sukhna Lake: The one and only waterbody of Chandigarh |

A visit to Sukhna Lake: The one and only waterbody of Chandigarh
A visit to Sukhna Lake: The one and only waterbody of Chandigarh

The Garden of silence around the lake with stepped layers around the statue of Buddha in a meditative pose. The lake’s northern boundary with the Shivalik foothills is natural and irregular with the initial storage capacity of the lake is about 11 million cubic meters of water. The garden of silence is a perfect place to practice yoga and meditation activities. Sukhna Lake offers water sports activities like boating, yachting and water skiing. It is also an ideal place to savor the melodious humming of birds.

In 1998, the forested area behind the Sukhna lake was officially recognized as the protected wildlife sanctuary for preservation fo the naturally occurring flora and fauna of the region. Sukhna Lake is the venue for many festive celebrations and the most popular is the Mango festival which is held during the winters that display varieties of mangoes. Sukhna lake is one of the key urban landscaping highlights of the planned city designed by iconic French architect and urban planner Le Corbusier.

The Sukhna Lake is a sanctuary for many exotic migratory birds like the Siberian duck, Storks, cranes during the months of winter. This lake was also a venue for the Asian Rowing championships which has the longest channel of rowing and yachting events in Asia. The lake is surrounded by a golf course to the south and the famous Rock Garden to its west.

Tourists visit Sukhna Lake often to get a portrait made as there are a lot of live artists who make live sketches at the time. They only charge Rs 300 to Rs 500 for each sketch. Travelers can try the adventure challenge. Just sit on the bull and hold its horns. Then control if you can be thrown away by the bull. The camel ride outside the lake is another activity to enjoy the city roads. Also, visit the Suicide point near the Sukhna Lake as many years back, people used to climb up the tower and jump into the lake to commit suicide.

The best part of visiting Sukhna Lake is that during the morning, you can watch the sunrise. You can also join yoga classes, laughter clubs, visitors, morning walkers, joggers, fitness freak to start your morning in a perfect manner.

A visit to Sukhna Lake: The one and only waterbody of Chandigarh

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