Why Weekend Trips are better than Long Vacation

Weekend Trips: Often juggling between work, passion and responsibilities, we hardly get any time for ourselves. We live a busy and monotonous life.

And nothing breaks a monotony better than a short vacation with yourself or your partner. Many people crave for a long break and often delay going on a holiday owing to lack of leaves at work. Of course, long vacations are awesome. But not getting leaves is no excuse to forever delay a vacation. If long holidays are far-fetched, go for a weekend trip instead.

Weekend trips are an awesome way to break the monotony and to rejuvenate yourself.  Here is why weekend trips are awesome and probably better than long vacation

You can take a weekend break whenever you want

Weekend Trips

No hassle to take leaves, no need to worry about finishing piled up work, no need to inform bosses, and no need to write an out-of-office email. You can take a weekend break whenever you want. No need to inform anyone about anything.

No prior planning needed for Weekend Trips

Weekend Trips

Just pack your bags and leave.  The only preparation you need to do is to book a hotel room for one night and you are sorted.

Budget not an issue

Weekend Trips

Long vacations are expensive and you may not be able to afford long vacation frequently. However, weekend breaks are cheaper and affordable. You can take multiple weekend breaks in the budget of one long vacation

Syncing leaves, no more required

Weekend Trips

When you are getting a leave, the wife may not. When both of you are getting leaves, a sudden test in kids school may come up. Such things keep happening and delaying the family vacation like forever. In such scenarios, a weekend trip is your only respite.

Happy vacationing

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